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José de Chastonay*
Chief Marketing Officer and Member of the Corporate Management Team, Bachem Holding AG
MBA, Montreux, 1989
Nicolas Garski *
Private Clients International, Bank CIC Switzerland
MBA, Geneva, 2013
Markus Grau
Alliances & Partner Management, SAS
MBA, Montreux, 2001
Yannick Guerdat
Director, Artionet Web Agency
BSc, Montreux, 2008
Dr. Sander Herden *
Advisor to the Board, Simcro Limited
BBA, Antwerp, 1991 BIS, Antwerp, 1991 MBA, Antwerp, 1992
Emilija Ivanovik Petrova *
Managing Director and Founder, Trade Resource GmbH
Dual MBA, Basel, 2002
Lena Woodward
Community Manager, World Economic Forum
MBA, Geneva, 2014