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Making First Choices

The EU Alumni Association is a great tool for any recent graduate to stay abreast of the latest trends in the business world. Networking is one of the best ways to gain first-hand information on how those with successful careers got to where they are. Use your alumni connections to gain valuable insights into the current market from active business leaders.

If you wish to receive more extensive counseling, join our mentorship program and find a mentor within our alumni network, eager to help you with your career plans.


“Build your contact base. You never know when someone’s contact can be of use to you when they can offer you a great opportunity.”

Milos Nenadovic
Business Development Executive at Euroleague Basketball

milos nenadovic

Implementing Career Changes

Your experience makes you unique in the market, so plan your next step carefully. The employer is looking for the right fit for the job, and you should be seeking out the right position, too. Through the EU alumni network, you can find like-minded entrepreneurs and business directors who will be able to give you advice, and valuable feedback.

Starting a Business

For an entrepreneur, a trustworthy partner or team is just as important as a good idea. Find people with similar educational backgrounds and business values, whose credentials you can trust. Meet people who can share ideas, help a start-up, consult or even partner up to make a business successful. We are sure you will find a good business match among our large network of alumni all over the world.

Making Real Impact

With job requirements changing daily and millennials and generation Z posing new challenges in recruitment processes, it’s not easy to find the perfect match for your team. Why not make use of our network of highly skilled professionals to find the best candidates? On our Alumni Hub, as well as our student internship job board, you can upload your job offers for free and directly access EU’s most promising talents.

Being a mentor is a great way of further developing your soft skills and helping students and young alumni to get where you are today. You’ll get the chance to contribute to the development of their careers by reviewing their CVs, giving tips about recruitment processes or counseling them in important career decisions.


"The EU and the alumni network have helped me in connecting me to interesting people, whether they became employees, clients, mentors or even investors into my business. Being a keynote speaker and also getting featured in magazines and articles helped increase our exposure and reach."

Julian Baladurage
CEO and Co-Founder at MBJ London

Julian baladurage

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