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Our Vision

Connect EU’s international talent across the globe

EU students and alumni are multicultural, representing over 162 nationalities. On average, an EU student speaks 3.5 different languages. Once you graduate, you take all that cultural knowledge with you, no matter whether you go back to your home country or start your business in a new city. We want to make sure you can continue to embrace this multiculturalism and diversity in today’s ever-changing business world.

Contribute to the success of tomorrow’s businesses

EU offers a world-class business learning environment which respects the highest education standards. We educate the talents of tomorrow and help our students stay at the forefront of their professions after graduation.

Connect business professionals all over the world

It’s not always easy to stay in touch after you graduate but it’s certainly worthwhile. You’ll want to stay in contact with your closest school friends and know what they were up to after you parted ways. It’s great to already have some contacts when moving to a new city and experienced business professionals will be delighted to give advice to fellow EU alumni. We aim to hold the alumni community together and form a strong, lasting international network.

Boost promising startups and have a say in tomorrow’s business world

Many of our students and alumni want to become entrepreneurs and we want to give you all the support you need, to make your plans succeed. By joining our alumni community, you stay connected with the most important business trends and by embracing our global alumni network, you’ll find advice, business contacts or even your next business partner. EU is highly committed to entrepreneurship and we want to give you a helping hand to really make it happen.

Foster a volunteering culture

At EU we’re convinced that giving back is not merely an act of philanthropy; it’s also a great way of sharing your expertise and facing new challenges away from the day-to-day office environment. Organizing an alumni event, counselling young alumni through our mentorship program or serving as a reference for prospective students are just some of the many ways you can add value to your very own diploma, learn additional skills and do something good, all at the same time. At EU Business School we want to stand out for our volunteering culture and give you exciting ways to be part of it.

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